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DSE Supplementary Courses

We understand that each student comes from a different background and has different learning needs. In order to help every one of them attain their desirable grades, we offer the following supplementary courses for those with weaknesses in particular areas so that they can catch up with the curriculum of our core courses.


DSE Supplementary Grammar

Most students, particularly those having gone through our Junior Regular English courses, would have a good grasp of the basic grammar and usage necessary for the senior level. Therefore, in the DSE Core English Course, we cover grammar and usage in a diagnostic/revision approach, addressing areas that students are unclear of rather than going through the whole set of grammar rules again.

However, for students who are not with us during the Junior levels or students who have a weak English foundation, we would recommend them to take this Supplementary Grammar Course to help them make up for what they have missed in the earlier years.

This course aims at helping students understand the English language system in a structured and systematic way. Our curricula will guide students through the major grammar items essential for each level. By laying this solid foundation, students will be able to catch up much faster.

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DSE Supplementary Integrated Skills

For students who have a very weak English foundation, securing a level 4 may be all that they aim for. We come up with this course to help this group of students to overcome their biggest obstacles – the lack of vocabulary, and strategically drill on the session that carries the most weight – the Integrated Skills paper, so that they can pass the DSE exam with ease.

Along with the training students received in the Core Course, these students will see significant improvement in their results in a short period of time.

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DSE Supplementary Speaking

This course is specifically designed to tackle the DSE speaking exam through interactive teaching. It will develop each student’s ability to express and convey information appropriate to the context, preparing them with the capability to establish and maintain a meaningful conversation. Key exam tips will be given on how to impress the examiners, allowing students the chance to gain top marks for both the group interaction and individual response part of the speaking exam.

This course will not only prepare students for the DSE exam, it will develop an important skill necessary for further studies and career success.

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