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DSE Self-Account

Self-Account / Personal Statement Workshop (S5 > S6)

Students of the DSE curriculum are required to submit a piece of writing known as the self-account. This is in fact a form of a personal statement which will eventually become part of their JUPAS application. Universities will judge whether a student is suitable for their programme primarily on their academic results, and their sincerity on what they have written in their self-account. Hence, in cases where competition is keen, this self-account serves as a means to help one stand out among the numerous applicants.

A carefully written self-account can help the universities understand a candidate better and get them interested in him/her. In fact, most overseas universities, particularly the highly competitive ones, take this personal statement seriously and see it as a major tool to pick out students that they are interested in.

A self-account or personal statement is highly personal as it is in fact a piece of writing that describes a person’s history, their personal qualities, strengths and interests. It must be written by the students themselves and their strengths and past experiences should be linked with the requirements of the university programme that they are applying for.

Seeing that most schools do not teach students how to do this, we offer this workshop to help our students construct their own piece of work. The course will examine the main components of a proper self-account and students will develop their own step by step based on their personal experience. Each section will be commented on to help students compose a piece of writing that truly exhibits their strengths.

This course is open to all DSE students as well as students applying for overseas universities.


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