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DSE Intensive Workshop

Award's DSE Intensive Workshop is designed for S.6 candidates who are sitting the DSE exams in each year April.



In the course of three months just before the DSE exams (Jan to Mar), students will be given a fresh set of mock exam questions in each lesson to write on within a set time limit, imitating the exam mode. All works will be graded and individual feedback be given in the next lesson. Through such intensive practice and close monitoring of progress, the tutor will have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and be able to help them identify what question type each should choose to answer and what to avoid. Students will also be advised on what mistakes they consistently make so that they can avoid them in the actual exam. Having written around 10 pieces of writing in this three-month period, most students will feel the marked difference of being able to express their ideas in writing more fluently and become more confident when handling the paper.


Students taking this course will be given a fresh set of Integrated Skills exam paper to do every two lessons. Their papers will be carefully marked according to the marking criteria of the DSE examinations and feedback be given in the following lesson. The last two sessions will be an overview of the different genres to be tested in this paper.


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