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DSE Writing

DSE Writing Courses

We offer writing courses for DSE students who particularly want to improve their writing skills. Prospective students are welcome to talk to our teachers for advice on which course suits them most.


DSE Writing (Foundation)

Many students find writing an ordeal as they generally find it hard to express their ideas freely or are not familiar with the formats.

To help these students, we offer the DSE Writing Course (Foundation) to help them learn the vocabulary, expressions, sentence structures and formats necessary for writing different types of essays. Samples of good writing will be studied in detail and students will have to construct their own piece of work. The workshop will help them identify their own common errors and sharpen their writing skills through practice.

This course is designed for students taking HKDSE English Language paper. All eight modules and the common types of writing that appear in the exam will be covered.

Modules covered: short stories, debating, poems and songs, drama, workplace communication, sports communication, popular culture and social issues.

Types of writing covered: Argumentative, discursive, persuasive, expository, narrative, descriptive, short stories, report and proposal writing, etc.

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DSE Writing (Advanced)

For students aiming at levels 5, 5* and 5**, getting a good grade in the writing section is crucial. However, some students may find themselves stuck at a bottleneck and are not able to attain higher grades even after repeated practice. Others may find it hard to express their ideas with the precise language that can express subtleties of meaning. In many cases, these problems can be attributed to their limited vocabulary and the inability to write more complex sentences and cohesive paragraphs.

It is against this rationale that this course is designed. We offer this course to give higher achievers regular practice in writing full length essays. Students will be introduced to the major genres appeared in the DSE Writing paper and their corresponding tone and format. Learning through a number of well-chosen topics, they will be exposed to vocabulary and expressions of a higher level and master their uses through intensive writing practice and individual feedback.

Together with our Core Course, higher achievers can receive comprehensive training in all aspects of DSE English exams to help them attain top grades in their exams.

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DSE Intensive Writing Workshop (JAN – MAR ONLY)

Towards the DSE exams (Jan to Mar), students will be given a fresh set of mock exam questions in each lesson to write on within a set time limit, imitating the exam mode. All writings will be marked and individual feedback be given in the next lesson. Through such intensive practice and close monitoring of progress, the tutor will have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and be able to help them identify what question type each should choose to answer and what to avoid. Students will also be advised on what mistakes they consistently make so that they can avoid them in the actual exam. Having written about 12 pieces of writing in this three-month period, most students will feel the marked difference of being able to express their ideas in writing more fluently and become more confident when handling the paper.

This course is designed for S.6 DSE candidates and students who want an opportunity to write intensively.  

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