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DSE Core English

Award’s DSE Core English curricula are highly exam-focused and are tailored to tackle the core papers in the DSE exams. Our courses lay emphasis on exam techniques and drilling while building a solid language foundation in our students. In the course of three years, students will progressively acquire a range of knowledge and skills that can get them to Levels 5, 5* and 5** in the DSE exams.



All readings are carefully selected and questions are set to closely mimic the exam format. By developing our own materials, we can ensure the authenticity and quality of the exercises and have the flexibility to adjust the questions and levels according to the needs of our students. All major question types are incorporated in the exercises and relevant skills taught according to our teaching schedule.



In the writing component of this course, students are required to learn vocabulary, sentence structures and expressions from selected readings and clozes on current issues, which cover a wide range of themes and genres. There will be follow-up dictations and writing tasks to help them master what they have learnt.  Most writing genres will be covered in the course of three years and students will have regular practices in class. All writings will be marked by the tutor of the class and be returned to students the following week with feedback.


Integrated Skills

This paper carries the most weight in the DSE exam as in the previous HKCEE, yet it is the least taught and trained paper in most secondary schools. We are proud to say that our students excel in this paper through our intensive training. From our 20 years of experience, we are thoroughly familiar with the marking criteria adopted by the Examinations Authority and can help our students maximize their marks through answering with strategy and improving their time management. Right from the start, students will be exposed to the different text-types common in this paper and be trained accordingly. Each paper will be marked by the tutor of the class and returned to the student the following week. All marks are recorded so that the tutors would know the level and needs of each student and their progress can be closely monitored and timely advice be given.


The Listening component of this paper will be addressed by providing students with exam-type listening drills as well as more challenging authentic listening practices, which are also common in some schools’ exams.


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