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Summer Courses

Every summer we have a range of highly interactive courses that aim at engaging students in creative and hands-on tasks that will help them improve their English mastery.


English Phonics and Spelling

Hong Kong students always have problems learning the spelling of words. The main reason is that they just rote memorise the words, instead of linking phonics to spelling.

In this course, students will learn techniques and rules that enable them to spell words more effectively and consequently be able to read and spell the vast majority of vocabulary without any difficulty.

Course Highlights

  • Phonemic awareness and alphabet recognition                                 
  • Digraphs and word blending
  • Strategies for making the jump from letters to words
  • Basic spelling rules

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English Oral and Communication

Wanna brush up your oral English? Summer is the best time to do so. Through fun activities like drama, games, debates, story-telling, individual presentations and group discussions, you will have numerous opportunities to gain fluency and confidence in oral English in a stress-free environment. Come and join us in this “speaking” journey!

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Poetry and Short Stories

Poetry and short stories are the two common forms of language arts taught in school. Through studying poems and short stories, students have a chance to explore and understand different themes and symbolic languages. In the course, students learn poetic techniques such as imagery, rhyme, simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration and onomatopoeia. The course helps students build their confidence in analyzing and appreciating these two forms of language arts. 

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