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We offer three Regular English language courses with different focuses. Prospective students are welcome to talk to our teachers for advice on which course suits them most.


Regular English Course

Our course focuses on all essential language skills with plenty of practice and exercises to get students ready for tests and examinations, while helping them improve their English and lay a good foundation of English. Teachers help students identify their own strengths and work on their weaknesses. It follows closely students’ school syllabus and aims to help students get better grades in the English subject.

It mainly targets the main language skills:

Reading: Comprehension passages covering a wide range of topics and themes are taught. Through comprehension practice, students are trained to understand the gist and themes of the passages and answer various types of questions. 

Grammar: Key grammar items are taught to students in a systematic way. With regular drills, students gain a good mastery of the grammar usage.

Vocabulary: Thematic vocabulary is taught to strengthen students’ vocabulary power and hence their reading, writing and speaking skills.

Listening: Various types of listening practices are given to enhance students’ listening skills.

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Regular English Course for Tsuen Wan schools

These courses are specially designed to follow tightly with the Junior curricula of selected schools in Tsuen Wan.

The Reading and Listening components will be the same as the Regular course while the Grammar component will be taught according to the teaching schedules of selected schools in Tsuen Wan so that students can make thorough preparations for their tests and exams. Vocabulary worksheets and exercises will be designed particularly for the class and all main topics taught at school will be covered.

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English for High Achievers

This course is catered for students with good performance in English Language who want to be further stretched to become a competent English user.

Students studying in F.1 – 3 who are able to pass the course admission test will be eligible for the course.

Through intensive practice, students will be taught language skills which will help them excel in school and later achieve outstanding results in their Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.

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