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Our Curriculum

What Award strives to provide is a total solution to language learning. We carefully develop a series of curricula which guide students through the different levels of English proficiency. Any students who are willing to devote effort will see significant improvements in their English level by simply following our instructions closely. They will learn everything they need to tackle the DSE examinations, as our curricula are tailor-made to serve this purpose.

In each lesson, students are given a range of tasks to do rather than passively listening to the tutor talking to the screen or blackboard. We make sure the most important components are completed in class and we have a set of corresponding exercises to allow tutors to check their understanding. There are also follow-up dictations or tests to help consolidate what they have learnt.

We do not allow our students to leave the classroom without doing anything as we believe language learning requires active participation rather than just listening. This is why we insist that all our classes are live lessons, and the duration of our courses are generally longer than most tutorial classes in the market.

We believe every student has the potential to improve given the right learning environment and programme. Through our curricula, we strive to help them lay a solid foundation and discover the interest of learning English.




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